Boy, I never imagine I’d be blogging here.. for a while. However, new year, new groove; not to mention I feel compelled to share a song that I have been listening to non-stop for a steady four months.

This compulsion is compounded by the fact that this artist is so indie, that finding a free download to any of his songs is akin to finding a needle in a haystack - im-fucking-possible (or rather it’s a consequent of my google incompetence, but i’d like to think of the former to preserve some personal dignity).

Hence, I urge: click play, give it a listen, drown in the bliss of poetic metaphors and melodic tranquility, and experience some intense eargasm.

Then, if you happen to love it as much as I do, donate some charitable $8 on iTunes to Jesse Woods, and feel amazing for having purchased an ace indie album while helping a brother out.

Yep. (Do it.)

2014: New Year, Old Nostalgia

At last, a new year has descended upon us. New resolutions are made, with high mounting hope that it will never meet its probable fate of brokenness.

The top of my resolution is a lofty one (true to a hopeless idealist after all): to be an adult. This perhaps might seem questionably arbitrary and trivially insignificant, but after careful contemplation, one deducts: being an adult (I imagine) entails accepting responsibilities, being brutally honest with one’s self, confronting problems head on and not shying away from realities that one does not like to face. Ironically, most adults do not exhibit all of such characteristics. Hence, procrastination ensues in large quantities and we look back wondering where the time has gone, and where our dreams have drifted to. The rarity of adulthood in the adult world, is an indication of its elusive attainment.


As always, I’m never quite sure why I feel compelled to write in this previously dubbed “fashion” blog. Perhaps it was a result of overwhelming nostalgia, when I stumbled upon a particular blog draft that I am intending to share in this post. I spoke of my burning desire and frustration in trying to navigate a “dream career” in fashion, a “subject area” (if it could be even called that) that I was interested in and at the time, had great passion for. The paramount emotions of fear, child-like optimism, and the desperate grapple of self-identity are evident in my eight month younger self, and it is the resurgence of such feeling that has made me want to publish a blog post that was previously meant for the private eye. I hope this is a sentiment that at least some of you (still) share. :)

Being a populist of the fashion enthused, I have at one time or another contemplated of embarking a career in fashion. That being, I have carved my research, looked into obvious and dubious career ladders of the industry, and have encountered innumerable headaches that leaves me awake bed side at melancholic 4am. Perhaps some of you are like me, and falls in the same desperation of situation as I am, deciding on a career choice.

I am one month shy of graduation - or at least I’d like to think, I applied, clicked with uncertain affirmation, and often reach back to the afterthought of retracting the prior decision. Why? The smell of fear being one - the uncertainty that lies ahead begs me to question and contemplate thrice. The other being that I haven’t chosen a career path. I haven’t decided on what I’d like to pursue, I have rather spent amid time in the last two years going back and forth, back and forth and once more with little fruition. Just when I think I have reached an epiphany where “everything makes sense!” another disturbance enters and renders all sorts of confusion.

This is a fashion blog, I may have attempted to deny it previously, but judging from the dominant content, the label is slapped on without a question. Clearly, fashion is one of my passions, but it isn’t as all consuming and fails to complete me whole. I need other exposures that deviates from the creative that fuels my need for intellect and worldly pursuits.

Having to run in circles for the past 24 months, I have once more reached another “epiphany”: that there is no such thing as pursuing a career in fashion. Girls, if you are like to me and have a hard time to pursue “a career in this industry”, do digest this one tiny fact. Finding a career in fashion is much liken to finding a career in lumber - it simply doesn’t exist. Namely, you have to find something much more specific than “fashion”, perhaps writing, venture capital, PR, fashion consulting, or fashion law - be creative and pursue a career before one jump into an industry of choice.

I am not stating that fashion is my industry of choice, even that is not glaringly clear, but I do understand what I have come to abhor and what I have come to love and the route that I perhaps could take with it.

I’m not sure why I feel the need to dish out on my most personal revelation, perhaps to reach an outlet where I am able o express my thoughts so they will finally become much clearer to me. For I, like many of soon-to-be-graduates of class of 2013, is confused as fuck and welcomes any clarity to my life.

I’d like to find out who I am and where I stand in this world, whether I am to instigate the type of change and mark that I would like to leave once I wither into dust.

One step at a time, I brave to stand forward - rather the future holds more academia or continual learning in “the real world” I’ll let you know when I get there.

Toodles, and think critically. Be a hopeless idealist, and be naive enough to chase after big dreams.

This is no longer a fashion blog (or even an active blog), and I am no longer interested in any career choices in fashion. Thank goodness for that, really. The world is far too exciting and many endeavors are far more significant to the advancement of the human race to even contemplate such triviality.

Happy 2014!

- The Hopeless Idealist ;).

Anonymous: what is a hopeless idealist?

A hopeless idealist describes someone whose overtly optimistic, perhaps sadly to the point of stubborn delusion at times. Put it simply, it’s a fancier term for a hopeless romantic without catch-phrasing romance, but describes more of an daily outlook in life.